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How We Can Help You

When we partner with you, our goal is to help every person live and lead with greater Purpose, Productivity, and Peace.

We offer keynotes, workshops, and coaching for individuals or team. We can even help your organization make long-term changes (we call this a transformation project).

Here are topics  that we can help you achieve that goal:

  • Gettin’ (un)Busy – 5 Steps to Help You Stress Less and Accomplish More
  • (un)Containable – 7 Traits to Help You Take the Lid Off Your Life and Leadership
  • (Un)Blurry – 7 Levels of Clarity Your Team Needs to Achieve It’s Goals
  • (un)Stoppable – 6 Actions to Accelerate Your Goals and Turn Your Dreams into Reality
  • Purpose, Productivity, Peace: Know Your Why, Do Your Why, Rest in Your Why


We get it. When you’re planning an event, one of your biggest concerns is that your keynote speaker will bore everyone. You don’t want to work hard to plan the event only to have people fall asleep.

We can help. We bring high-energy, inspiring, and practical keynotes that will leave your audience talking about how your event was.

We have been speaking to businesses, nonprofits, associations, and conferences for over 20 years.

See a speaker video.

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“I’m in the business of delivering keynotes. So I’ve heard a lot of speakers over the years. Garland is one of the best I’ve ever heard. He energizes the audiences and keeps them engaged from his first words until he walks off stage.” ~ Scott W.

“Our entire team thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your message kicked our conference off on the right foot and made our conference a success. Word of your presentation and message has already quickly spread through our company.” ~ Engel G.


Do you want to give your audience the chance to dig deeper in Purpose, Productivity, and Peace? Workshops are a perfect way to help your audience get more practical instruction.

Workshops can last from 90 Minutes to 8 Hours, depending on how deep you want your audience to go.

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“Best personal and professional development session I’ve seen in 9 years.” ~Workshop Participant

“Leaders looking to be more productive in today’s culture, which prioritizes busyness, will want to take a moment and learn from Garland and his (un)busy method.” ~ Ben M.


One of the biggest challenges for leaders and teams is turning their aspirational goals into reality. Whether you want to create greater clarity, change the culture of your company, or accomplish more while stressing less…it’s not easy to do on your own.

Your coach works with you over the course of several months to turn your priorities into reality.

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Transformation Projects

When you want to change the culture of your organization, it takes time, work, and outside perspective. It’s especially challenging because you want to implement the change while simultaneously keeping up with everyday demands.

We can help by providing that outside perspective and guiding you through the process. Your Transformation Project combines personalized workshops and coaching for your leadership team. We work with you over the course 1-3 years to make sure you implement the change you want to see.


“Because of Garland’s insights, our culture and mission are strong and clear and those whom we serve as resourced better because of it. There is no doubt in my mind that your team would benefit from Garland’s passion and ability to communicate his insights.” ~ Josh B

Gettin’ (un)Busy Book

Named by Forbes as “one of the seven books everyone on your team should read,” Gettin’ (un)Busy shows you a powerful, proven, research-driven system that will help you shed stress, accomplish your dreams, and love life.

“This is one of the most influential books I’ve read in my journey to manage anxiety and burnout. It has guided me as I’ve sought to focus on the essential things that will allow me to live out my purpose in my work, my family, and my faith.” ~ Stu M.

“I can’t imagine Garland Vance having written a more practical, thorough, and easy-to-implement look at the subject of purpose and productivity. It is indeed possible to achieve your highest priorities AND be and feel NOT busy at the same time.” ~ Jeff Brown, The Read to Lead podcast.