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Unleashing Greatness in Every Leader

AdVance Leadership is more than just a leadership development company. We’re a catalyst for organizational transformation. Through our innovative and results-oriented programs, we help leaders break free from constraints. We offer services that will meet your organization’s needs, from inspiring keynotes to multi-session development. We aim to strengthen organizations where every leader is unleashed, fostering strong relationships, achieving results, and creating cultures of excellence.

Guiding Your Leadership Journey

Our team is driven by a shared passion for transforming leaders and organizations. Get to know the faces behind our mission to unleash greatness within every leader.

Meet The Founders

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Garland: Co-Founder and Leadership Expert

Meet Garland, the visionary leader and co-founder of Advance Leadership.

With a wealth of experience in leading teams and researching best practices, Garland has a knack for turning complex challenges into simple solutions.

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Dorothy: Co-Founder and Teaming Specialist

Dorothy, our co-founder, brings over two decades of leadership development experience. She has a long history of success helping leaders leverage their unique strengths to build high-performing teams.

Our JourneyFrom Learners to Leaders

Meet Dorothy and Garland, the visionary founders behind AdVance Leadership.

Our story began in our early 20s when we were tasked with building a leadership development program. We knew very little about leadership, but what we lacked in expertise, we made up for in curiosity. We devoured books, interviewed countless leaders, and immersed ourselves in the world of organizational development. This insatiable interest and access to an incredible network of leaders became the foundation of our journey. To that foundation, Garland added a doctorate in leadership and Dorothy earned coaching certifications in Leadership Growth and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths.

Over the next two decades, we were influenced by leaders of all stripes, from phenomenal mentors who inspired us to incompetent saboteurs who left a trail of chaos. We discovered a glaring truth: most leaders get promoted without formal training. They inherit unhealthy cultures, struggle with delegation, and lack the clarity to guide their teams effectively. These experiences kindled a desire to equip and empower leaders with the tools they need to thrive.

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Our Core Values

Results & Relationships

Leadership is all about results AND relationships. We help you develop the trust necessary to achieve your goals.

Ridiculous Practicality

Leaders aren’t transformed by ideas alone but by new actions. Our methods provide easily implementable tools and habits.

Intentional Margin

Leaders flourish when they have time to think and discuss together. We build space to enable leaders to learn from and help each other.


We’re invested in your success. Our training extends beyond workshops and webinars, with ongoing support and follow-up to ensure lasting change.

Unleashing PotentialOur Purpose

Great leaders are the key to:

  • Achieving Company Results
  • Developing People-First Managers
  • Creating an Exceptional Employee Experience
  • Building a Great Customer Experience

Yet, research shows that 82% of people promoted to a leadership position never receive adequate training for their role. At AdVance Leadership, we develop the leaders who help your company succeed, employees thrive, and customers rave.

Ridiculously Practical Training

We ditch the jargon and focus on actionable skills and strategies leaders can implement immediately.

Tailored Programs

Whether you’re an emerging leader, a seasoned pro, or the head honcho, we can help meet your needs.

Sustainable Change

We’re not just about one-and-done workshops. We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the learning sticks and translates into lasting organizational impact.

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