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Helping You Live and Lead Purpose, Productivity, and Peace

At AdVance Leadership, everything we do is about the “3P Life.” We want to help high achievers like you live and lead with Purpose, Productivity, and Peace.

Purpose is knowing your why.

Your why is the reason you’re on the planet. It’s what you have to contribute to the world. Your purpose is the lasting mark you’re going to leave generations after you’re gone.

Purpose is the overarching why that gives reason to your actions.

Productivity is doing your why.

Productivity isn’t about getting more done or getting things done faster. It’s not about filling your life and calendar and task list with all the things you need to do. Productivity is about advance your why.

Peace is about resting in your why.

Peace is a sense of calmness and confidence that comes from knowing that you can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything at once.

You experience peace when you realize you have limited time, energy, and attention, so you selectively choose actions to advance your purpose. Peace comes when you live at a pace of life that allows you to take productive steps toward your purpose without exhausting yourself.

Why You Must Start with Peace

What if we told you that you, as a high achiever, have been lied to?

It’s easy for high achievers to focus on Purpose. You’ve been told to “start with why.”

It’s normal for high achievers to concentrate on Productivity — you’ve been guided to get more done.

But nobody has told you the truth: you have to start with Peace. If you want to enhance your purpose and productivity you must extinguish stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm FIRST.

By beating busyness — you overcommitment to too many good commitments.

That’s why we concentrate so much on Gettin’ (un)Busy…. Because we know that if you can beat busyness, you can exponentially increase your Purpose and Productivity.


You can get your copy of Gettin’ (un)Busy at here.

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About Us

AdVance Leadership was cofounded by Garland and Dorothy Vance.

Dr. Garland Vance

Dr. Garland Vance has been helping people and teams get clarity about their life and leadership for over twenty years. He is an author, speaker, and consultant. Along with his wife, Dorothy, he cofounded AdVance Leadership to help high capacity leaders and organizations live and lead with Purpose, Productivity, and Peace. He has helped his clients (which span from Fortune 500 Companies to nonprofits) stress less, accomplish more, and fulfill their highest priorities.

He is the author of Gettin’ (un)Busy, which Forbes named as “one of the seven books everyone on your team should read.”

As a former Leadership Development Pastor and Director of one of Chick-fil-A’s nonprofits, Garland has poured into influencers at all levels. He’s helped thousands of people discover and live out their life purpose, enhance their clarity and productivity, and impact the world around them.

Garland earned a Doctorate in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Denver Seminary. There, he researched the effects of busyness on leaders and how to overcome both individual and organizational overcommitment.

As much as he loves to work, it’s not his highest priority. Garland enjoys reading, watching movies, drinking coffee, trying new food, engaging in deep conversations, running, and East Tennessee hiking. But most of all, he loves spending time with his wife, Dorothy, and their three children.

Dorothy Vance 

Along with her husband, Garland, Dorothy cofounded AdVance Leadership in 2017. AdVance Leadership helps overwhelmed leaders live and lead with greater Purpose, Productivity and Peace through content, coaching, and consulting.

Dorothy is a Certified-Gallup Strengths Coach and Lifeforming Leadership-Certified Growth Coach.

She specializes in guiding people to discover their unique giftedness through tools like StrengthsFinder, the Enneagram, and spiritual gifts and to articulate their life purpose.

Dorothy met her husband, Garland, a fellow creative writing major, at Carson-Newman University. They fell in love while critiquing each other’s work and have been married, writing and teaching together, for over twenty years. They dedicated fifteen of those years to a Chick-fil-A nonprofit. They are the parents of three beloved children, two boys with a girl in between.

In 2018, the Vances love of the outdoors and the beauty of nature drew them back to the Smoky Mountains. Dorothy tries to get in a good hike at least once a week. When she’s not hiking, Dorothy stays active, training for races, practicing yoga, or finding a fun high-energy exercise class. All that activity balances out her love of cooking and eating. Dorothy also loves good books and movies, but the sweetest mix is when a good book is turned into a good movie.